Your skills don’t always have to be used for what they typically are used for. There are other paths that you can take and create new and interesting possibilities. When you use your skills it can open all kinds of different opportunities. Sometimes you just have to be ready to explore and think outside the box. Here are 5 examples of how you can diversify opportunities with existing skills.

Use What You Are Good at and Freelance

There is something that you are just very good at! Everyone has that “something” they are good at. You can use those skills to start your own freelancing business. Ask yourself what you are good at and find someone who is looking for it. Make use of social media channels, job boards, etc. and follow job boards on popular freelancing sites. Are you good at researching? Someone out there could use someone to research information for them. Do you enjoy writing? There are plenty of people out there that are looking for others to write content up for them.

It doesn’t matter what you are good at, someone else out there can use that skill of yours for what they are doing. Cooking, building things, creating software, decorating, we could go on all day. Just consider what you like to do and what you are good at and more than likely someone out there will pay you for offering that as a service.

Lose Your Job? Pay Yourself Instead

When most people lose a job, they tend to look for another one just like it. For example, a teacher would most likely look for another teaching job when they lose their job. It only seems logical. Instead of just trying to get another job just like the one you left, use those skills to create a business. Let’s go back to our teacher. She could go find another teaching job and work at a different school. But what if she used her teaching skills to open up her own tutoring business instead? She is still teaching but instead of working at a school she is working for herself. Take the skills you have and come up with a way to create your own business.

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Just like freelancing, your skills can be used to help others and get paid for it. Instead of finding another job, figure out what you can offer people and pay yourself.

Use Your Sales Experience to Work For Yourself

If you have a job in sales, that experience can be used in a variety of ways. You can use those skills to start a business of your own. The options are wide open but if you do a little research and find the right kind of product, you can easily work for yourself instead of a company. You could also take that experience and use it towards advertising and marketing. Sales skills are fairly similar to tactics used in advertising and marketing. You can even take those skills online. There are quite a few people that took their sales skills into the online marketing world. It’s not much different other then that it’s in a different format.

You really have some interesting possibilities with sales skills. The point is this; when you have some sales skills under your belt, there are plenty of ways to use those for your own purposes and work for yourself instead of someone else or find other job opportunities.

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From a Blogger to Working for a Big Game Company

About two years ago a game development company called Media Molecule came out with a very innovative game called Little Big Planet. It really revolutionized gaming and became an instant hit with tons of sales and users. Of course blogs popped up all over pertaining to the game and its content. One blog in particular seemed to catch the eye of Media Molecule. Little Big Planetoid was one site that stuck out among all the others. It was chock full of useful information about the game and its content. Little Big Planet was a game that was constantly growing and changing. Even after it came out it was always being updated with new content and still is to this day.

This blog was always on top of the news and had tons of information about the game, how to play it, where to find secrets in it, updates, everything. And it was very community based. Long story short the people that ran this impressive blog ended up being hired by Media Molecule itself. Although Little Big Planetoid is officially closed now, it is still open for viewing. So these two bloggers that were passionate and used their skills, were able to create something that caught the attention of a big name company. Now they have an actual job with them. Simply just using your skills in the public eye can bring you opportunities.

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A Hacker that Works With the Government

Every kind of skill can open up different opportunities. While hacking is pretty questionable and some people use it for all the wrong reasons, there are actually pretty good uses for it. Hacking isn’t always about messing up other’s computers and causing havoc on servers. Hackers also use their skills for good things and finding faults in programs among other things. Sometimes the government takes notice. There have been many people that have been hired by the government to help them with their systems and programs. They are valuable to them because hackers know this stuff inside and out. They are good at software and computers.

Some hackers have taken programs and games and improved them. They may also know a lot about security as well and the loopholes in it. So while hacking may be a questionable skill to have you can still use it as a benefit. Even with the government.

Use Your Skills for Something Different

Your skills can be very diverse and open up other opportunities. It doesn’t mean you have to use them for the typical route. Get creative and think of other ways to use your existing skills. You don’t always have to take the same path.

These are just 5 ways to create opportunities with your existing skills. What other ways can you think of?